BASF Paint

Stewart Customs and Collision, Inc., is proud to announce the changeover to the BASF paint system.

Chip Foose Signature Colors

Designed by Foose, made by BASF just for you!

This is the same system used by Chip Foose, and is some of the finest material in the industry. And when you combine that technology with the Color-Max3 Color Deck, the color matching ability is second to none.We are very happy to be with BASF, and you will be too!

Are you ready to put Chip Foose to work on your Custom Car? It can happen thanks to new BASF paint formulas with superior coating technology and colors created personally by the legend himself. In total, there are now 24 Foose Signature Collection colors to choose from–providing you with exciting new opportunities.When you put in as much time and effort into customizing a car as Chip Foose, you don’t settle for anything less than the best. Selecting one of the Foose Signature Colors will make your next project an outstanding success.

Over the decades, our coatings have remained the progressive bodyshop’s choice for a beautiful finish.

The new R-M Onyx HD™ waterborne basecoat system combines ease of use and durability with superb color matching. And it does all this while staying in compliance with today’s most stringent VOC regulations at local, regional and national levels.

With Onyx HD in your corner, the transition to lower VOCs will be a smooth one. Our goal is to give you the opportunity to bring next-generation processes into your shop—staying ahead of the competition and offering customers a superior finish while realizing the economies and advantages of this technology.

Developed and formulated in the industry-leading laboratories of BASF:
Onyx HD meets or exceeds OEM factory-finish standards. Fully aligned with the BASF COLOR-MAX® system, Onyx HD can be matched to both solventborne and waterborne OEM coatings. Its uniform finish provides perfect metal control—giving you the confidence we can match any color, from Blue Velvet to Midas Gold.

Download the BASF R-M Onyx HD Waterborne Brochure.