Vehicle Insurance FAQs

What is “Deductible Assistance”?
Our Deductible Assistance Program was designed to help the consumer lower their out of pocket expenses when they are required to pay a deductible in order to get their vehicle repaired.

In a nutshell, it works like this:
Your vehicle is involved in a collision where the damage totals $5000.00 to repair, and your deductible is $500.00. Based on the 10% Deductible Assistance program, we can waive $500 ($5000 x 10% = $500), therefore, you have to pay zero deductible to get your car repaired properly. Certain conditions apply, but please inquire for full details.

Do you work with my insurance company?
We work with every insurance company out there, and we are a preferred provider for many.

Who pays for the repair work on my car?
We work with your insurance company for payment. You are only responsible to pay the deductible if you have one, and remember, we have a “deductible Assistance” program in place that can help or even eliminate your deductible all together. In some cases, you will be required to pay any “betterment” that your insurance may not cover. For example, if your vehicle’s muffler is a five years old, your insurance company would have to replace it with a five-year old muffler. If a five-year old muffler can’t be found, the repair shop could use a new muffler, but you’d have to pay the difference.

Can I choose where to get my car repaired?
Federal law states that you have the legal right to have your car fixed at the shop of your choice. You may bring your car to us for repair regardless of your insurance company. With our 75 years of combined experience and top-rated reputation, our highly trained technicians, advanced equipment, and great customer service, you will be happy you did.

What about the process of making a claim and all that paperwork?
Once you have initiated a claim with your insurance company, simply bring your car to our shop and we will take over the insurance claims process and relieve you of that hassle. You have enough on your plate already with your car being damaged…let us handle the particulars for you.

Do I need more than one estimate?
No. Once we estimate the repairs on your vehicle, we will contact your insurance company and have them come out and go over the vehicle with us and start the repair process without the need for multiple estimates and aggravation.

What if your estimate is higher than someone else?
Typically, this means that we are being more thorough in our estimation process. With our years of experience, we know what to look for. In many cases, a “cheaper” estimate means a required repair was overlooked. Our charges for repair are in line with every other body shop. Every insurance company will work with our damage estimate.

My insurance company said I had to go to one of their shops.
This is simply not true, although we have seen many instances where an insurance carrier uses different tactics to try and make this happen. However, MOST of the insurance carriers don’t resort to this tactic. We have worked with all the major insurance companies for many years. You have the right to choose your repair facility.

My insurance company says I have to go to one of their facilities to get the inspection first.
Again, not true. Why should you be inconvenienced? We will arrange your drop off, inspection and work with your insurance inspector to assure a proper repair and thorough detailed estimate. Call us first and we’ll handle everything.